Who am I?

I’m many things, but here are the top ways I can explain to you what I am about.

I’m a traveler.  Meeting new people and trying new things makes me feel alive.  I want to see every corner of this Earth.

I’m a realist. I’m no longer single without kids and able to jump on a plane whenever I want.  ( Although I’m working at increasing my time abroad, again.)

I started this blog as a way to push myself to get out and explore my home province of Saskatchewan, and what do you know, there are a lot of fun adventures right here, in my own back yard.  This awareness has helped calm the overseas travel bug that bit me back in my early 20’s.  A bit, anyway!

I’m a dreamer.  I crave freedom.  I can talk to anyone, but am equally happy being secluded in the country surrounded by nature.

I’m a wife and step mom and it is my dream to inspire my family and others to get off the couch and explore.  I’ll try pretty much anything, but rarely master a skill, as I’m busy working on planning my next  new experience.

The last few years I have found a passion in helping promote small tourism businesses and events.  The owners inspire me and I love helping them gain exposure.  I admire that they are following their own dreams and I get inspired by the passion and effort they throw into their endeavors.

Recently, I have quit my full time teaching job in order to embrace the possibilities that await.

Without the pressure of a full time teaching job, I can spend more time writing, exploring, and improving my blogging and video making skills.

This freedon is new and I’m excited to see where my life goes from here.

If you think I could help bring exposure to your tourism or cultural based venture, check out my social media channels and throw your ideas my way.



8 thoughts

  1. I am excited to follow along on your adventures. Canada is on the list. We’re a wildschooling family from Germany and have traveled some in Europe and now the US. My dream is Newfoundland! We backpack and hike and slowly move our way through beautiful landscapes, trying to take it all in, breathe it all in, let it become a part of us. It’s an adventure for us. And it’ll be a pleasure to learn from you and yours.


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