Last night, all I could think about was that I need a project to steer my mind to more positive things. I have had, and do have, so many memories and experiences worth sharing. Certain ” ruts” have steered me into a more negative mindset, and it is time for me to take back my life!

I have NOOOOO idea how to do this, but I am sure I will figure it out! Yes, I am aware it is New Years Eve! ….I do actually have plans, but if they fall through, I will be back to work on this new project! ( Bottle of Purple Cowboy in tow).

Travel, teaching, photography, step-parenting, marriage, ( my husband hates blogs…won’t he be surprised!), pets, volunteer work, farm life….ok, ok, I know I am supposed to pick a general theme/ audience, but I have never been a person to stick to one thing. This blog will more than likely be as scattered as I am, but the great thing is…you don’t have to follow me:)

I will start with funny stories about my past travel adventures, in the hopes of renewing my adventurous side.

For now, I will attempt to curl my hair for the first time in ten years! Happy New Years! Here’s to not having too bad of a headache tomorrow!!

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