This one time….in a hostel….

( If you are expecting a band camp type story, quit reading now!)

Another memorable hostel story happened somewhere in England.  ( Have I mentioned I am terrible with place names?)  I was in a dorm style room with a few other girls.  We all had our pick of beds, as there were many empty spaces.  Sometime around 2 a.m. I was awoken by loud banging and yelling.  Our window was just above the main entrance and a woman was very angrily demanding that someone open the door.  She had been told that there was no curfew and had an interview in the morning.  Bang.  Yell.  Bang……

I knew my travel buddy would not like a random person coming off of the street and  into our room, and was pretty sure the other girls on our tour would have  the same feeling.  They, obviously armed with ear plugs, were still fast asleep.

Do I let her in???? …I couldn’t let the girl stand out there all night…she had an interview!  I reached around in the dark and found my key card.  The swipe kind.  Like a credit card…..

I went down and opened the door for the girl.  As she continued to yell about the misinformation she was given, I told her my room was full, but there was a couch in the meeting room.  A good compromise, I felt.  With a, ” Good luck on the interview,” I found my way back to my room.




Bugger!  I had my bank card, not the key!!

Now it was my turn to bang on the door.  Yup, those ear plugs work wonders!  So, there I was. In the hall, locked out, no couches left in the meeting room.

The dirty carpet outside of the hostel room was going to have to be my bed for the night.    Imagine the surprise on my roommates faces as they opened the door in the morning.

I still love hostels:)



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