So, this wasn’t supposed to be a blog completely about travel.  You can see where my mind wanders the most!    I am sitting in our local Subway ( $3 chicken sub!).  My ” bootcamp” starts in an hour and driving back out to our farm is a waste of gas. ( I could call a friend, but sometimes I like to imagine I am somewhere strange and sit in a restaurant with a book or laptop.)

Since I am about to start my second week of exercise, maybe I should write about that??

I don’t work out.  Well, barely ever have. Ten years ago, while in Taiwan, I did.  The jaw dropping reaction I got at my welcome home party is a reaction every person wants as they walk in a room!  ( I was nothing special, just a lot better than when I left.)

About 4 years ago, all of the rye + cokes, cheese whiz buns, and everything Hutterite began catching up to me. It’s true what they say about age!  That year I bought a gym membership.  And…. went about 4 times.  In a year…..

Fast forward to last April.  One of my best friends had joined this new bootcamp in town.  She lost all of her baby weight, did a photo shoot, and looked amazing!!  I had no baby weight to lose…and no excuse.  Except that I am the most uncoordinated person ever and have never been athletic. And, I’m lazy.

When the next round of bootcamp came around I clicked “yes” with a squeal and an “OMG, What am I doing????”  I went. I survived.  I actually enjoyed it.  In the end I could almost run 20 minutes  with only sopping to walk a few times.  Ya, ya, no marathons for me anytime soon, but I was very proud of my progress!

The group atmosphere is what I need.  Hip Hop Abs in my living room is ok…if you actually do it.  I didn’t.  I need people to hold me accountable.

When that round ended, I had to pass on the summer circuit.  Moving.  Kids.  Wedding.  No running.  No fitness.

Now, here we are.  A small group of us decided to get together and make our own routines.  We have had three workouts.  AND HOLY HELL HAVE I HURT  after each one!  The funny ” leg day” posts on Pinterest mean so much more to me now.  Seriously.  Getting off the toilet?  Ouch!  Dropping something?  It can stay on the ground.

I laugh at the pain and how pathetic I am, but when I hear others say the same thing, I realize I am not alone.  I need this group to be in pain with me.  If I was home, I would quit.

Bring on arm day!


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