” If your top choices were Independent Person and a People Person, you might have trouble.” 

Last year I listened to a keynote speaker talk about 8 types of people.  The point was, that all people are different.  They can thrive in a few areas, but are capable of something in each.  There are the spatial learners, artsy people, logical and mathematical thinkers….

You get the point.

The whole presentation I tried to pinpoint myself and my strong points.  I have always been a generalist.  I will try anything, but am a master of nothing.

I hated math, but have improved since I began teaching it!  I dabble with art and poetry, but couldn’t make a living!

She described the person who needed to be alone with their thoughts and the people who must be around others to accomplish anything, at least to be comfortable.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that I was some of each.  I love people.  I share openly.  My husband often wonders how I can be so social and cheery in the morning.  Being a teacher, this type of personality is needed.

But, I love to be alone.  I am a dreamer.  Sitting in a foreign place with nothing but a sketch pad or a book is exciting to me.  I can spend days alone.  Grabbing a glass of wine and staring out a window is relaxing.

The speaker ended her presentation with a joke about how having these two personalities at the top of your list can be “trouble.”  Everyone laughed.  I looked around thinking, ” I can’t be the only one!”

Finding a balance of people vs. self time can be hard, but I find that it can be the most rewarding.  How could I have travelled the world alone?  Joined strangers for month long tours?  Been brave enough to try online dating,  yet ok enough with being single to wait for the right person?

I may not be a math whiz or be able to start an art gallery soon.  I may not be able to tell what size of shelf would match my room.  But the interactions I have had with people all over the world and the things I have learned about myself and enjoyed in peace are not an effect of a “troubled” person.


What type of person are you?  Do you like these labels?

4 thoughts

  1. You inspire me Christine. I love your wisdom. I am classed as a generalist as well! I can relate to a lot of what you wrote! Sometimes I feel like a walking contradiction. hahaha Trouble??? Yay I can see it in me! hehe. I need to be more in solitude though to get my balance, but I am working on it! Thanks for the wonderful stories. I LOVE your writing technique, I need some of that too! I always look forward to your writing and I get excited to read it! Thanks for sharing!!!! 🙂


    1. Thanks!!!! I couldn’t think of anything to write. This popped into my head while staring at a blank screen. Glass of wine in hand! She was a great speaker. It made me laugh that she joked about my top two!


  2. I’m right with you cuz, those are my top two as well. I remember doing all those multiple intelligence quizes in university, talking about how we all learn differently. The other way that I learn best is through music and I have told my students that too, last on my list would be the mathematical component, I am so not a math person!!


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