What if you couldn’t research any part of your trip?  Every decision was based on people reaching out to you on social media and the connections those people set up for you?

Last week I saw a tweet from @Social_Traveler saying he was headed from Saskatoon to Cypress Hills.  Without thinking too much, I replied that he should stop by the Great Sandhills on his way through.

When he replied that he’d love to I thought I better do a bit of research on who I invited! It turned out that Bjorn Troch, from Belgium, had been traveling the world for almost 5 years.  His whole platform was based around social media connections.  He researched nothing.  With only a general plan mapped out in his head he is currently finishing up his Canadian tour.  His followers give him challenges such as learning to play a guitar while touring our country.

Bjorn was a great inspiration on our quick visit.  The freezing cold weather shortened our exploring, but we had some great discussions about people, travel, connections, dreams, and the world.

Bjorn, the Social Traveler, will be heading to Panama after wrapping up his Canadian leg.  His challengers have given him the task of using his new found guitar skills to busk for gas money to get him there.  I was absolutely no help in the music department, but I wish him luck!

Today, I was in a scary accident.  My truck was totalled.  But I am fine.  In the slow motion craziness of the crash, my brain was filled with all there is left to do and see.  More than ever I am determined to make the best out of time with family, friends, and the world.

I encourage you to follow Bjorn’s adventure and if he is coming through your area, invite him over, buy him a meal, and be prepared to be inspired.

Visit his website and look him up on Facebook and Twitter.



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