Sometimes I feel like I don’t use my time wisely.  There is so much I could be doing.  So many experiences I could be jamming into my summer holidays.

I am lazy and love to relax, but I am a dreamer and have a brain full of exciting adventures.

July has come and gone and some of our family experiences still do not seem real.  Did we really fly to Iceland??

Earlier today I was clearing off my cell phone and I had to laugh at all of the pictures.  I also had to make myself realize that we have jammed a lot onto one month.  There is no reason for me to feel like I have wasted time!

This summer we embarked on a trip of a lifetime.  Free, because of this video I entered into a contest.    I wish we could win a travel experience every year, but I have to remind myself that many memories were made right here at home.

From rainy day dress up parties, to geocaching for the first time. Waterslides and new friends, and hitting up the driving range at the local golf club.  We traveled through 3 provinces and back again, with many pit stops along the way.  Monsters and Mayhem came to Swift Current and we all took a ride in the back of one of the huge monster trucks.  And, of course, we took another couple of trips to the Great Sandhills.

Some of the best family memories were made on our nightly walks to the end of our laneway.  The cats, our dog, and the four of us would ride, scoot, or walk to the tractor.  We’d laugh and joke and take family selfies before heading back for a bonfire.

July 2015.  Thank you for all of the memories!

Here is a slideshow of our July:)

What memories have you made this summer?

I'd love to hear from you:)

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