My mom has always been the best at sending cards and newsletters every year, and our family loves it.  But, let’s face it.  I’ll never send cards!

Here is our second annual Christmas Video.  A look back at some of the highlights of our year.  Of course, our highlights are the times that the kids are with us.

This year I lost 2 grandmas.  In one summer.  But these ladies were strong, fierce, loving, adventurous, and humorous, and they lived long fulfilling lives.

My goal for 2016, and the future, is to strive to live life as much as these 2 did!

Happy Holidays!


Our Family

3 thoughts

  1. Christine you have done a wonderful job with the Christmas Video and your Cruising with Christine kudos on a awesome job!! Keep them coming. Merry Xmas to you, John and the kids. May you have peace and happiness in 2016. Love you guys!!
    Bill and Cindy


  2. Merry Christmas Christine to You and Yours! You are right, your Mom is awesome at her letters and pictures at Christmas! Take care of each other, and all the Best in 2016! Debby n Charlie…. 🙂


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