Dancing while blindfolded.

Playing with energy.

Relaxing sound baths.

Horses and goats.

Moving and stretching.

A beautiful group of ladies.

Slowing down and living in the moment.

It only took one glance at Clara’s Instagram feed and a glimpse of the beautiful geodesic dome and knew that I had to visit Country Garden Events.

After seeing a friend share that she’d be leading a few Qi Gong sessions at an upcoming yoga retreat, I followed a few links and my mind was made up.  I skimmed the schedules of the upcoming monthly retreats and picked the first date that worked for me.

A little relaxation and energy clearing would be a great way to kick off my crazy summer season.

Clara was nice enough to trade a weekend retreat for some social media and blogging, but all of these thoughts are honest and true!

It wasn’t until the morning of day 1 that I saw Chakra Dance was on the agenda, that I questioned what I had gotten myself into.

My relationship with energy work and spirituality ebbs and flows.  There is no questioning that when I set time aside for these practices,  I create magic for myself and my life.  I went into the weekend excited for the possibilities.

I have always enjoyed trying new things and love the idea of a weekend away with a group of ladies.  You never know how a group will mesh, but wow, this group was just what we all needed.  The release that comes with opening up, being vulnerable and sharing life stories is priceless.  This wasn’t part of the agenda and there was no pressure, but the safe space, shifts in energy blockages, and respectfulness of the group allowed us to open up, creating even more magic.

As I shared my story I was proud of how far I have come in the past few years and inspired to continue to create, open doors, and be intentional for what I allow in my life.

Friday night started with a meditation.  I need all the help I can with that!

After some time to explore the grounds, meet the horses, and visit …. Chakra Dance was next.

It didn’t take long to realize that we all felt some apprehension with this new and unknown form of dance.  We donned our eye masks and figured it out as we went.   Not knowing what anyone else was doing or if we were doing it right, we had no choice but to just let the music and the meditation guide us.  As we shared our thoughts after we realized that everyone had their own unique experience and that’s exactly the way it should be.  No judgement. 

I left that night refreshed and excited for day 2.

Qi Gong was first on the agenda for Saturday.  I had tried it one time before and went in focused and determined to feel the energy ball.  And I did!  I think.  Getting out of my own head and living in the moment has been a goal of mine and focusing on energy moving throughout my body helped me turn off the million thoughts that pass through my mind in a second.

After some journaling, visiting, and a delicious picnic meal, it was time for our second round of Chakra Dance.

We found it funny that this time, we were all excited to start.  We could choose whether or not to be blindfolded and at first my plan was to push myself to not be.  To boldly move while knowing that other people were potentially watching me.  But, once the music started I felt drawn to cover my eyes and let loose without distractions.  To be present in my own mind and body without thinking about what others were doing.

By the end of this hour I knew that Chakra Dance would become a more regular part of my life.

Again, the sharing time after the dance was a bonding moment.  I am thankful for women who create safe spaces for others!

We then spent time walking in nature and looking for signs and for animals to send us messages.   I couldn’t believe it when the lady next to me pointed out a fox just feet away and shared her history with the animal.  I kept looking for my usual hawk or eagle, but each time I asked one to appear, an airplane would fly over.  Hi Grandpa!

After supper, my body got some much needed stretching.  Winter is long and I don’t move nearly enough.  Stretching and holding positions for minutes at a time was perfect. 

The night ended with a soundbath.  This was also fairly new to me.  I had taken in short sessions at trade shows, but never an actual event.  Sprawled out on reclining lawn chairs, in the dome, with Sherry’s huge gongs, chimes, and other sound creating materials was amazing.  I think I may have dozed off for a few minutes.

We all started Sunday with wishes that this would not be our last day together.  We moved through more healing sessions and spent down time learning more about each other.  I was even brave enough to join the ladies who had brought their own decks of cards and did my first ever card reading on a new friend.  She said it was spot on.

To me the weekend was about letting go.  Opening up.  Reaffirming parts of my life that I often push back.

I get certain signs in my body when energy is flowing and shifting and during our last session those signs were going wild. I laughed out loud during the final meditation, wondering if others could see the movement I was feeling in my eyes.

The themes that appeared for me throughout the sessions were the desire to feel a wild sense of safety, to get out of my head, holding fast to my energy boundaries, and laughter.

Just Laugh!

I was a little annoyed that this laughter came the next week while trying to read a story to a group of middle years students…..

It always takes a while for me to figure out how an experience like this changes my life.  Since the weekend retreat I have worked at moving my body more.  As soon as I realize I am getting stuck in my head and over thinking, I have made an effort to jump on my bike or go for a walk.

I put my crystals and my cards into my van.

I have said no to things I don’t really want to do.

I am also looking really hard at my summer calendar to figure out how I can fit in another weekend retreat!

Check out the Tik Tok video I made of the weekend.

Country Garden Events is just outside Medicine Hat and they offer all sorts of unique experiences. Be sure to check out their website!

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