The total is in!

Rotary Ignite Medicine Hat’s Dine Around event raised $538.00 for The Mustard Seed.

A few weeks ago, after a morning of chasing fall colors on the trails, I was lucky enough to be able to join the Dine Around event put on by volunteers with Rotary Ignite.

Tourism Medicine Hat sponsored the Prairie Sprinter bus that drove us around, and they invited me to join. #Sponsored

The event had caught my eye as I was browsing the calendar on Tourism Medicine Hat’s website. An afternoon of food and drink while being driven to 3 local restaurants? Yes, please!

After changing out of my biking clothes and splashing on some makeup in the back of my car, I made my way to the first stop on the tour.

Casa Amigos should set up a camera to catch the wowed expressions of people who walk in their doors for the first time.  The new Mexican restaurant sure knows how to create an authentic experience. The colors jumped out at me and I was immediately impressed.

Within moments of joining the tour group I was enjoying a classic Margarita and great conversation. The food at Casa Amigos was my favorite of the day.  I will definitely be going back for more.

After an hour of fun, we were off to the next stop.  I had to laugh that I seem to end up at The Whiskey District every time I cover an event in the city.  I’m not complaining!

For our tour, they were offering two ¼ ounce sample of Grit City Whiskey.  The first was …. powerful!  The second was an enjoyable peach whiskey that I would order again.  The dill pickle pizza was yummy and the pita bread and hummus soaked up the whiskey perfectly.

Hell’s Basement was our 3rd stop.  As I have recently been telling people, craft beer is turning me into a beer drinker.  I had visited this brewery before, but it was nice to have a table full of people to visit with this time.  We even got to tour where the magic happens.  I wonder if they are hiring taste testers for the days they experiment with new brew recipes?

This three hour guided tour was the perfect way to spend an afternoon. I appreciate that it started at 3 and was done in time for us early birds. Dine Around provided a welcoming atmosphere and an opportunity to meet new people and try out new dining options.

The fact that the funds raised go to important charities that help people in need was an added cherry on top of a wonderful day.

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