The different beliefs that people have have always amazed me.  Sometimes they make me angry.  Sometimes they make me laugh.  Most of the time I am not bothered by what others believe, as long as they are respecting humans in general.  The vast difference in what people claim to be true is fascinating, if you dig deep into it.  I don’t.

Traveling opens peoples eyes to what seems wacky and weird to some people, yet is normal for others.  It makes people open up to new ideas and realize that what they have been taught might not be true.  Or at least not be above what others have been taught.

Here is a funny story from my first big trip abroad.  I was new to my job of teaching English.  ( Taiwan) An EA was in charge of most of the class, but I was there to teach.  Another job I was given was to give each child an English name.  This sure made my job easier, but it was a hard task.  First, the EA had to approve my choice.  She seemed to hate all of the names I liked.

The one time I had to choose a name was different.  “Ray” had been in my class since the beginning.  He had an English name.  I knew it well, as his name had to be said over and over.  You know the type.

One day, I showed up to work and my EA said, ” Ray is too naughty.  We must choose him a new English name so that he will be good.”  I have no idea what look came over my face, but I am sure it was hard for me not to laugh.  I remember going home that night and laughing with my roommates over the craziness of the idea.

The next day I went prepared with a list of options.  The EA liked none and proceeded to tell me his name would be Lawrence.

I went home that day almost hopeful that this name change might actually change his behaviour.  Wishful thinking:)

Wouldn’t it be grand if it did work, though?  There are a few people who I could think of new names for!

I'd love to hear from you:)

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