Taking time to explore our area with my step kids this summer was a blast.  How many times have I driven by things?  This summer, I made an effort to stop.  Hey, when you have young kids you have an excuse to be silly and make quick photo stops into exciting games.

We called these stops “adventures.”  My husband and I were busy moving and preparing for a wedding, so a lot of our summer was divided.  Girls running one way, and boys another.  I think the girls had more fun…but I am sure the boys would disagree!!

The girls stopped at every interesting statue, sign, or cool building to pose for selfies.  We stopped at an old school and, to our surprise, realized it was open to the public.  So was the tiny church next to it.  How many times had I driven by that site?

We walked through fields, collected rocks, and posed on old train engines.  Simple.  Cheap.  Time together.  Quick breaks in between the torturous job of packing and unpacking.

Money can get tight.  Dreams are big.  Sometimes it just takes seeing things through a child’s eyes to appreciate the little things in life a bit more.  At least until I can experience the big things in life with them.

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