Resorts are not my first choice for travel, however, this trip to Mexico was one of my favorite.  It was the first trip I ever went on with my husband.  And, it was free!  Right now, I’d give anything to be on a beach sipping slushy drinks.  Winter is not my thing. 

Having always been a solo traveller, I was nervous about having to keep someone else happy.  I knew I would have to compromise.  A resort was a great first trip for a couple.  (Not just because we got engaged there.)  It eased us into a life of shared travel.

Time on the beach.  No major decisions to make.  A few organized day tours.  Lots of drinks.

                                                                          Mexico 2012 717

I think a lot about what it will be like when we get to go on a BIG trip together.  He loves museums.  I speed through them faster than most.  He hates crowds.  I love markets in Asia.

These things worry me a bit, but the chance to see new places together for the first time is beyond exciting.  I love watching people discover things for the first time.  Seeing the shocked looks and honest reactions of people reminds me of my first few trips.  The awe and amazement of everything that is so different from home.  The cringed faces as people notice the live animals in the markets next to the dildos and fake Prada.

Resorts are great and everyone could use the relaxation and heat, but I would choose a dingy hostel, street food, and con artist taxis any day! ….Unless someone wants to send me on a free trip to a beach again!  I promise, I won’t turn you down!

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