I’m sitting on my couch,

Drinkin some red wine.

There’s probably something better,

I should do with my time.

Correcting to do,

A kitchen to clean.

Instead, I read travel blogs,

And continue to dream.

I tried to suck it up

and go out in the snow.

The truck made a clunk,

Back home again, doh!

Saving money sucks,

I hurt from leg day,

I miss my step kids,

wish they were here to play.

It’s my turn to cook,

So, should get off of my bum.

Husband’s fixin the truck,

I bet that’s no fun.

Sorry to bore you,

With this elementary rhyme.

Excuse me while I pour,

Another glass of wine!

2 thoughts

    1. Thank you, lisak0!!! I will try to follow the instructions soon:) Sometimes I can’t believe I have been so many places. There are sooo many more things I want to see, though! Anyone can do it. I am just a normal person! … It has been a while, but hopefully another trip is on the horizon for me.


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