One time, my plane missed the runway and, after nearly touching down,  had to circle around and try again.  No one spoke English to tell us what was going on.

I’ve fallen victim to the ” Henna Ladies” in Morocco.  They grab your arm and start painting, insisting it is free…then harass you for money.  I paid nothing.

The same happened with two young shoe shining boys in Dominican Republic.  Ten bucks to shine my nine dollar sandals?  I don’t think so!

I watched an old lady crouch down, spread her arms wide, catch a chicken and break it’s neck with her bear hands.  Dinner was tasty that night!

I eat street food,( including vegetables),  put ice in my drinks, and swim in all types of water.  So far, I have never been sick on a trip.  Knock on wood.

I hate waiting for people!!!  Smoke breaks? 30 minute photo ops??  As much as I love meeting new people on tours, this part reminds me why solo travel is great.

Getting a bottle of white wine from my co- worker for Valentine’s Day was an awesome surprise.  It just isn’t the same as red:) 

Valentine’s tomorrow, a week off, and then,  my 32nd b-day.  I’m not going far, but hope to do some exploring near home and visit some family.  For now, I hope you enjoyed these memory tidbits.




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