When I tell people that I teach on a Hutterite Colony there is generally one of the same 2 reactions.

1. People have no idea who they are, and ask to learn.

2.  People list off every stereotype they have been told even though they have never been on a colony.

I hear the same assumptions all the time and it makes me angry.  I would love to go deeper into this, but for work reasons, can’t.    No, I am not a Hutterite.  Yes, I am real teacher.

Add to this the world of TV.  I was very disappointed with National Geographic for their depiction of Hutterites in a series about an American Colony.  If you have watched this, know that these youngsters were bribed with booze and technology to liven up a bit, swear more, and add to the story line.  I’m not saying everything was wrong, but it was obviously embellished for ratings.

Now I wonder if all of those Nat. G articles and series were as far off as I know this one was.

I think the lesson here is that if you really want to learn about a group or person, go meet them.  Meet them and don’t judge a whole group by the few you met.  Within every culture there are things that people have in common, but no two people are the same.

Try to not throw everyone under one title.  Keep learning and don’t believe everything others tell you about a group.  From experience, I can tell you that your assumptions are making you look like as ass. A dumb one. ( Original I know…but, true!)

I want to end with the quote about travel ending stereotypes and discrimination.  For the most part I couldn’t agree more! But, wouldn’t that be stereotyping travelers?




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