Write to inform.  Write to entertain. Write for yourself. Write to remember. Pick a niche.  Pass on your knowledge. Perfect your grammar.  Be an expert.

Can I inform without details? Am I entertaining? I think I write for myself. Travel is my niche, but I’m not currently traveling.  Do I have knowledge worth sharing?  I am a generalist.  Master of nothing.   I am too impatient to not hit publish the day I write a post!


There are so many tips and so much advice.  Do we, as writers, get caught up on that?  Can a person not just write what comes to one’s mind?

Sometimes I feel inferior in the blogging world because I am not an expert in any area.  My passion is travel, but I can rarely remember the names of cities, towns, or companies.  Even as I  write this, I question whether I should admit that.  ( I promise if I ever get the chance to promote tourism, I will write the details down!)

Expert in food, wine, hotels, crafts…????  I love food.  I love wine.  I try many different things, but once the experience is over I move on to the next.  I have a row of empty wine bottles on my counter and could not, for the life of me, tell you which one I liked the best.

As I read more blogs, I realize that I connect with the writers who sound human.  The ones who admit they may not know what they are doing.  The ones who laugh at their own failures and downfalls.

Maybe there are people who don’t mind my lack of expertise.

I remind myself that I have been doing this for less than 2 months!  I have time and don’t need to force anything!

Thank you to those who are following me through this new journey!  I hope at least a few of my entries have entertained or inspired you.

What blogging advice has stuck with you?






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