It hasn’t even been 2 months.  This blogging thing is new to me.  I’ve questioned where it is heading and had a few day dreams of it becoming something bigger.  Mostly, I’ve just been jotting down a few old stories.  ( Ok, I’ve had more than a few day dreams.)

Yesterday, I got a Twitter message from ” Kiss From The World” telling me they liked my blog and wanted to invite me to be a blogger for their online magazine!  Within minutes, I was e-mailed directly and given a link to skip the application portion.

So, here I am.  I still haven’t figured out linking sites and other fancy blogger tricks.  But, someone liked my blog enough to seek me out.

Broken trucks and jobs have prevented me from fully using my February Break to explore, but my husband will be home in a couple of hours and then we are hitting the road!

There is a new pressure, but I am going to use it as the push I need.  Less couch time.  More exploring.  After all, no one wants to hear about me being lazy, in my pajamas, on the couch!

I have to build my profile page and add content, but while you wait for that, check out all of the awesome things Kiss From The World has to offer.

Have a great weekend!


























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