I once asked for a straw by making the motion of sucking one while holding my thumb and pointer together.  The waitress thought I wanted a joint.

In Taiwan, a waitress was nervous serving a whole table of English people.  She scanned the table, looked at me, and spouted off some Mandarin.  I am not Asian, but always get asked what my background is.  The whole table laughed.

While looking for a computer at an internet café, I missed a step and fell flat on my face.  Smooth, as always.

I have shared a cab with a person I met on a plane.  Yes, I’ve seen ” Taken.”  Oops.  Sorry, Mom.  ( My stop was farther than his.  He paid.  I trust too much, but it works out.)

I guess this is another ” random thoughts” post.  Work was tiring today:)   I haven’t posted a blog entry lately, but have some exciting things in the works.

Do you have any funny, embarrassing, or dumb stories from the road?


I'd love to hear from you:)

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