Last week I turned 32.  My favorite part of the day was visiting my grandma.  It had been far too long!

My family has never been big on birthday get-togethers, but this makes 2 years in a row that my husband has organized a family gathering just for me.  The fact that we live 5 hours away from my family makes this more special.

The fact that we were home in bed by 11, after a dinner out at the bar, doesn’t bother me one bit…. but, might hint at my old age!

A great birthday, seeing old friends and family, getting back in my workout routine, a bank meeting that worked out in my favour, students loving my math lesson, becoming a Kiss From The World blogger, Body Break following me on Twitter!!!!! ( Keep fit and have fun!!)   All of these simple things have made me smile over the past couple of weeks.

I started this blog to take my mind off of the negative.  It is working!   Yesterday, I talked to someone about joining my local tourism committee.  I can’t travel across the world at the moment, but I am getting off the couch….or at least making a lot of plans to do so once the weather cooperates:)  My daydreams are more about possibilities and less about certain negatives I have had to deal with.

Life is full of possibilities!  The first step may be just a day-dream, but you can make it real.




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