I wasn’t going to post these poems, but what the heck.  I am really missing my step-kids, so was inspired to write about them in school today.  My students were working intently on their own writing, while I scribbled out these 2 poems.

Blond Beauty,

Strong willed and sure.

She’ll say what she’s thinking,

But her heart is pure.


Don’t tell her she can’t,

Or she’ll prove you wrong.

Sit down with a guitar

And she’ll belt out a song.


Toques in the winter,

Rubber boots when it’s dry,

She wears what she wants,

So don’t even try.


She’s independent, for sure,

And funny alright,

But she cuddles so softly

When day turns to night.


A Boy And His Dad

Never two more the same.

Can spout off every truck

By description and name.


Give them a truck,

A crane, or a car,

Hand them a tool,

And they won’t go too far.


They like time alone,

To draw and design.

Anything with a motor,

Will be just fine.


Lego keeps them happy,

For hours at a time,

But take it apart,

And you’ll hear them whine.


Their feelings are strong.

They love and hurt equally deep.

They are the men in my life,

Forever my heart, they will keep.

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