My duct taped sled didn’t disappoint!

Nice temperatures and an invitation for a day of sledding lead to a great day out in the Saskatchewan prairies.  We even managed to find some coulees to play in.   We were the last couple picked up by our group of seven and since the snow was apparently nicer our way, they changed their planned route of going to the river.

Last minute changes are made for a reason.  We had a blast.  This was my first time riding with people other than my husband and they sure gave us a good time.  Exploring the fields with farmers is great because they know every fence and yard that will stand in our way.  They also know people and aren’t afraid to show up unannounced!  We made a few pit stops and were welcomed openly into homes for pee breaks and refreshments.

I’ve realized I better keep a cleaner house if we are going to join the circuit of spur of the moment visitors!

Our ” New Sleds” had been giving us grief, but thanks to my mechanic hubby and his boss, our two beauts kept up to the group and survived 7 hours of fun.

Operation, “Get off the couch and suck it up for the rest of winter,” is making progress!


* Side note:  Helmets save lives.  Hours before we were to leave I found out someone I love very much was in a skidoo accident.  Luckily, she was wearing a helmet.  I don’t dare think about what might have been.  Be safe!*

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