Today, I drove past a museum while thinking that I should stop, instead, I pulled into DQ for ice cream.  I got half way to the door and my, “I’ve missed workout for three weeks,” guilt set in.  So, I turned around, got in my truck, and drove back to the museum.

It was just a visitor center, but had a few cool displays.  And it was free.  A minute after entering the display loop, I was done.  I suck at museums.  Always have.  I have been to great museums all over the world and every time I leave thinking, “I should have read more.”

It felt good to stop at a place I have driven by a million times.  One of the men there struck up a conversation and I mentioned my blog and my desire to explore close to home.  It was the first time I talked about my blog to a stranger…and I kinda sucked at it!  Next time, I will be more prepared!

I did manage to stock up on pamphlets, so let more planning begin!  Monday, I will sit in on a local tourism board meeting.  Hopefully I can find a way to help out the group while continuing to expand my Cruisin Christine Adventure.






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