Hey!  It has been a while since my last blog post and I have been busy!  Between report cards, starting renovations, joining the Leader Tourism Board, enjoying a few nice weather days, and some…ok a lot….of laziness, I have been slacking on this front.

So, I went to the Leader Tourism Board meeting, and I think they could really use my help!  I am torn between being a good citizen and volunteering a lot of time to bring some great ideas to life….and, being selfish.

I want to spend my whole summer exploring with my family.  But, I want to use my skills and make sure I stay off the couch by committing to this group.

The first thing I offered to do for the group was start this FB page.


Give us a like and keep updated on local tours, contests, and events in Leader, Saskatchewan.

I am hoping that running this page puts even more pressure on me to explore what my local surroundings have to offer.  My Cruisin Christine FB,

(   https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cruisin-Christine/588044124606720 )

has given me a head start, but this site is going to be seen by more people, faster.  If it makes me stop and snap a few more pictures here and there, it has done it’s job!

This past month has brought some miracles to my family.  Between accidents and life threatening surgeries, I am reminded that life is short.  There are things that we cannot control.  People who make things difficult.  Children being kept from us that we miss every day.

As we do our best to deal with the negative, we have to keep living.  I want my children to see that there is greatness in this world.  What kind of model would I be sitting around and moping?

Anyway,  check out my new FB pages, do something new this week, tell your family members you love them, and feel free to stop by the farm to tear out wallpaper and carpet!!  I will pay you with wine!





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