Ahhhhh.  I love the fresh Spring air!  Company is coming and we are getting ready for a backyard bonfire.

My last two weeks have been a blur of report cards, student conferences, and catching up with friends from far away.

Last weekend a few of us enjoyed local entertainment in a packed hall at the Grand Ole Opry.  I would give anything to have an ounce of musical talent!  We brushed up on our polka dancing skills and stayed out late enough to remind ourselves that we aren’t as young as we used to be. ( I’m not old though!!)

Yesterday, I experienced a Swift Current Fundraiser for a local theatre.  A DJ, dancers, fashion shows, and a great drink menu kept us entertained.  We ended the night at a pub catching up on life with our group of friends who rarely manage to get together anymore.

It makes me laugh to think about how times change!  Never before have the three of us all had wedding rings to flash in order to drop the hint to curious “boys.”  Our conversation moved from university, ( where we met), travels, kids, bills, weddings, kids, work, husbands, pets, and other life problems and successes.

It is hard to find time to get together and even harder when we live in different countries and continents, but friendship is one of the best things in life!  I am the worst at keeping in contact with people and hope to do better in the future.  Life is short.  Having special people to share in the joys and sorrows is priceless.

Thanks for a great couple of weeks, girls!

Now, to get ready for some family and friend bonfire fun!




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