Bucket lists are ever changing things.  I make them, lose them, make them again.  No matter what is written down, a true bucket list is in your heart.  I’ve made lists of things I have accomplished, because who doesn’t enjoy a bucket list with many checkmarks??  My husband and I have a bucket list photo album.  The caption is written and as we fill it, we put pictures into the slots.  It has been a while since we have looked in that album.  Maybe that can be tomorrow’s task:)

Anyway, I am feeling the need to write a list of checked off bucket list items.  To have it officially online.

I know I will be adding to this as I do more, and as I remember that I have actually done a lot more than I sometimes think.  It is funny what you forget as time passes.

Here is my list.  If I can do it, so can you!!  I’m not writing this to brag.  I’m writing it to remind myself what I have done and what is possible to do.  I hope I can inspire you to cross off one of your goals.


*got married     * scuba diving    * elephant trek   * swim with sharks  * rock climbing

* back packing    * solo travel     * joined a tour     *explored on a scooter   * paintball

* lived overseas for a year  * got a degree    * started a blog   * camel trek

* sandboarding in desert    * RVing     * owned a few houses   * speed boating

* snorkelling     * took a group of teens overseas     * cruise   * hiked in a jungle

* all inclusive resort   * horse riding on a beach   * smoked a cigar   * 19 countries

* slept in a castle   * hostels   * been in two countries at one time

* two tattoos    *  steered an airplane   * jeep tour   * zip lining

* swam in caves   * kayaking   * seen wild elephants   *  village homestays

* lived in a town of 200 and a city of 3 million   * Been a teacher   * road trip to USA

* ski, snowboard, blade    * Skidoo


……To Be Continued…..

What items are top on your bucket list???

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