checkerboard view

Saskatchewan is more than just prairies.  Yes, I know, that is hard to remember sometimes!  But, even in the south, there is more than just flat land that goes on forever.

Checkerboard Hill is a look out that gives a stunning view of the South Saskatchewan River.  Ever changing throughout the year, it is worth a repeat visit.  Today, it was windy.  Everything is brown.  The water is murky from the recent melt.  But, give it a month and the green hills will take your breath away.  Come during autumn, before the leaves fall, and a patchwork of red, yellow, and orange will greet you.

Today, we took a path down the step hill and got a view from the bottom.

checkerboard from below

I told you everything was brown!  At the top you can see the information stands acting as  guards over the steep cliff.  Reading these reminded me of the history that surrounds our area.  We often forget that at our very feet, buffalo once roamed, cultures clashed and learned how to survive each other’s company.  Trading among Europeans and First Nations took place so close to us, along this river, so long ago.

Saskatchewan may not have ancient ruins like Europe, but we have a deep history and many stories that float through time without a pile of ruins to remind passers by of what has been.  Have a read and remember, Saskatchewan is young, but we have scars, beauty marks, and a great future, just like other places!



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