During one of the many meals my husband’s Aunty Mary fed us over Easter, I caught myself saying, ” She has to eat Haggis while in Scotland!!!”

Then, I side eyed the head cheese that I had just refused.  Hmmm.

Why is it that I am so much more willing to try things, whether it be food or a dare devil activity, when I am in another country?

This thought immediately entered my mind, so I reached across the table, grabbed some vinegar and shoved a fork full into my mouth.  Ughhhh.  Slimy.  But, not so bad!

With a feeling of personal pride, I went outside and told my husband.

My quest for being more adventurous and ” present” is going in the right direction.  Just this weekend I helped make a basket of Easter food for Aunty to take to church to be blessed.  I was soooooo close to volunteering to go with her.  But, it was Saturday night…and I was a few drinks in….so I kept quiet.

I also showed a bit of braveness when I drove a side by side up a steep icy hill.  ( The passengers might have been showing more strength!  This was after I courageously clung on while sliding down as a passenger!

So, the weekend was a success.  Now, I prepare for my first Tourism Convention!  I have made stickers to promote Leader Tourism and Cruisin Christine.  Will I be brave enough to pass some out??

What is something you wish you did more of while at home?  Do you notice a difference in what you are willing to try at home vs on a trip?



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  1. Jeff and I were just talking about head cheese yesterday! He was trying to convince me it was good and I wasn’t buying it, but I’ve never actually seen it. I also think I need to join twitter so I can see all your updates!


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