Most of you know that getting myself off of the couch and exploring  my own Canadian province, Saskatchewan, has become one of my goals.  I have done and seen some amazing things all over the world and now need to take advantage of what adventurous possibilities are close to home.  I have never been a planner, but figured that by posting some of my Saskatchewan “musts” it might hold me accountable.  ( And maybe my friends will volunteer to drag/ join me.)

There are soooooo many more things to do, but this is a start.  Only 2 months until holidays!!!!!


  • Ride the Southern Prairie Railway train in Ogema, Sk , and experience a mock train robbery.  My sister lives there, so I have all the connections I need!


  • Visit the Tunnels of Moose Jaw and experience what is was like to be a smuggler during prohibition or a Chinese immigrant to Saskatchewan. I love that the tour guides get right into character!  I know I toured these when I was young, but need to go back now that I understand what they are talking about….and maybe join the fight against prohibition.  😉


  • Zip line with Cypress Hills Eco Adventures. You don’t have to go to Mexico to zip line.  The Cypress area has soooo many things to offer.  Hiking, camping, lodging, and endless beauty.  Ok, sometimes, in southern Saskatchewan, a girl just wants to see trees!


  • Sky Dive!!!! I have paid for this!!! Just need to get it booked. Yikes!!


  • Take our canoe and spend a few days exploring the South Saskatchewan River.  I live so close to the river and am embarrassed that, other than a few fishing days, I have not spent much time exploring the water and its shoreline.  I want to be nervous in our tippy canoe.  I want to sleep in our tiny tent in random flats, and worry about cows and farmers, and I want to watch my husband clean fish and cook them for me over a campfire!


So, here it is.  My list.  What advice can you give me and what other  Saskatchewan attractions do you recommend??


5 thoughts

  1. Great list to start! I have done many of those but some still remain on my list as well.

    I would add:
    Sundogs Excursions – dogsledding and winter camping
    Sturgeon River Ranch – ride horseback through PANP and sleep under the stars in a tipi
    La Reata Ranch – leave the modern world behind and live like a cowgirl
    Great Sand Hills – a good addition to your Cypress Hills Visit as it isn’t much furthe. Also, the winery at Cypress offer a zip and dip your with Eco-adventures
    Fly-in fishing up north. There is a women’s only getaway that is phenomenal. Let me know if you need any info!

    Those are a few of my faves. Can’t wait to read about your Sask adventures. There are do many great things to discover in our province.



    1. Thanks! I actually live very close to the Sandhills and have been there many times! I definitely should add a ranch as it’s been a while since I’ve been horseback riding. I have dogsledded, but not in Sask, so will have to look into that.

      Sleeping in a Tipi was fun at Wanuskewin!

      Ooooh, I love fishing. Northern Sask will definitely be in my future.

      Yay, summer! Thanks for the info!


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