What is a FAM Tour? I had no idea until I was given the chance to join one. Basically, it is a chance to show off all that you/ your business/ your area has to offer. A way to make others familiar with your attractions. People who can help direct and inform others as to what you are offering are invited to attend free of charge.

And given treats:)

I joined to the Leader Tourism board a few months ago hoping to learn more about what our area has to offer. I thought it might add to my new Cruisin Christine venture, and I was right! On Thursday, thanks to Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park and Fort Walsh National Historic Site of Canada, I was given the opportunity to see most of what their area has to offer.

The bus was full of people involved in tourism, who worked in the area, travel guides, tour operators, even a conservation officer. I was there as a part of Leader Tourism, but sure had the chance to promote my blog. Some people were sent by their bosses, and not too interested in making connections with social media, but others were really interested in what I had to offer. ( Yes, I promoted Leader, too!) I even have tour operator
June Bates and her company Tread on Travel coming to tour Leader in hopes of including some of our destination in one of her tours.


June and I, being the oldest ladies on the bus, sat in the front and enjoyed a day of swapping travel stories and sharing the joys and frustrations of going after your dreams and building a brand. She inspired me so much and I can’t wait to spend more time with her.

FAM Tours are a great way to promote what you have. The day was packed full of stops, each one offering the attendees just a glimpse into what is available. Each stop made me want to make a return visit. That alone is a success, but I also now have more knowledge to pass on to others.

Leader is hoping to get a FAM Tour started, so being included in this one was a great learning experience. I will write another blog entry about all of the amazing things Cypress Hills has to offer, but this was just to let people know the benefits of hosting and joining this type of tour.

I can’t say enough about the positive networking and experiences that I had that day. Thank you to Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park and Fort Walsh National Historic site for inviting Leader members. We look forward to hosting you and others as we show what we have to offer.

And, I look forward to being back your way with my family, friends, and my Cruisin Christine mindset in tow.


If you are thinking of hosting a tour of this type to introduce people to your area, I hope you will think about including people involved in Travel Social Media. It is an easy way to spread the word. Small town Saskatchewan businesses and communities could really benefit from trading experiences for multiple types of media exposure.

I'd love to hear from you:)

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