It is the Monday of a long weekend and I have been lazy! I’m allowed, aren’t I? Still, in my quest to explore more, I have wasted a day. Or have I?

June is going to be crazy busy with school and my role with Leader Tourism Board is going to be taking up a lot more of my time. We are planning a summer market every other weekend and I am heading that venture.

Anyway, resting today and sipping on my Saskatoon Berry wine from Cypress Hills Winery seemed like a good choice.  Also, my mom was just here for two days and worked me to the bones, so I deserve a break.

My husband has been working out in our new yard all day. Clearing bush, cutting grass, and even cooking sausage over the bonfire.  Maybe that is why I feel lazy.  I did manage to spray paint a few projects in my new hobby shop and walk a few laps around the yard.

Speaking of hobbies, this blog entry is number 41!!!! That is the longest I have stuck to anything for a long time and I have no plans on quitting. In fact, I spend most of my time day dreaming about how this hobby can eventually transform into bigger and better things. Ideas swirl around in my head so fast that I must looked dazed. Dreams and possibilities dart around, intertwined with pinterest quotes telling me not to worry about doing what everyone else thinks I should. Quotes about living the life that my heart tells me to.

I know that I have good ideas. More than just writing online and turning my blog into a source of income.  I know that some of these ideas would come with risks, but that they have a real chance of being successful and allowing me to use my creativity. I know that I am smart enough not to risk the well- being of my family for a pipe dream. And, I hope that I can be the person who teaches my children to follow their dreams and work hard to succeed.

Sorry about the vagueness, but this is my journey. It is just finding its voice. Now, this journey just needs to find some funding:)

Happy Monday,
I hope this blubbering blog didn’t confuse you too much!


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