Small town schools have been steadily closing their doors over the past few years and I am always curious about what new use a community or business will find for the newly abandoned buildings.  I have looked at buying a few different schools with all sorts of fun ideas floating around in my mind.

It saddens me when the space is wasted or ruined by new owners.

Sceptre, Saskatchewan sure has not wasted any space or opportunity with their old school.  The Great Sandhills Museum is a fantastic way for the community to bring in tourists and business for the town.  As a gateway to the amazing sand hills, it is a perfect stop.

edit museum yard2

Every room of the school, along with the grounds, has been set up to showcase the history of the area.  A walk through the former halls of the school takes you into the past and each classroom is full of mannequins depicting scenes from the past.  One room, a blacksmith’s barn, another a hospital.  A school room, the dentist, a library.  Each room takes you back in time and gives you a glimpse of the technology, clothing, and environment.

edit museum hall 1

In another room, I counted over 50 stuffed animals, a reminder of all the wildlife found in southwestern Saskatchewan.

Outside, a town office, church, house, and barn are open to be toured.  The yard is full of old farm machinery.  Yes, there is something for everyone!

I remember taking my kids there last summer and my boy loved everything.  His dad needed more time to read and study all that was displayed.

There is a picnic area outside in case you have speed walkers, like me. I have to say that museums are not something I usually spend a lot of time in, but this one impressed me.  For such a small town, it is amazing how much was donated by locals to fill the rooms.  Clothing, tools, books, pictures.  Endless props straight out of history to create sets so real that you feel like you have stepped back in time.

With a fee of only  $5 adult, $3 student, and preschoolers free, it is more than worth a drive to visit.

If you are on your way to see the sand dunes, stop by for a tour and for directions.

What small town Saskatchewan museums have impressed you??



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