The tornado hunter is in Saskatchewan, my husband is outside hoping we get a good storm, and I just got the idea to write about typhoons.

Over the year that I lived in Taiwan I got to witness a couple good typhoons. And an Earthquake, but that’s another story. Whenever typhoon warnings were sent out we would stock up on snacks, movies, and TV series. Block buster was down the street and we always made sure our Canadian visitors brought dill pickle popcorn seasoning to prepare us for English TV marathons.

I remember being locked up in our fifth floor apartment watching garbage fly past our balcony. We watched full DVD series of Corner Gas and Six Feet Under. Makeovers, impromptu fashion shows, attempts at exercise, but, mostly eating. ( And more than likely, drinking.) One time, we tried to order Pizza Hut. Ha. That would have been a chore on a regular day, being none of us spoke their language, but during a typhoon?? Poor workers. We got the pizza.

I remember a particularly bad typhoon. We went out the next day and trees were uprooted, many creating a domino effect with scooters. Windows were smashed. Trees and branches covered the roads completely. As we posed for photos on top of roots we thought about how carefree we had been while locked up in our apartment. None of us realized the true danger ripping through Kaohsiung.

The day of the dreadful Tsunami in Indonesia I remember getting heavy rain and wind. We had friends in Thailand. Scary. Luckily everyone we had connections to were safe, but the time spent locating them was intense. SO many people messaged us to see if we were ok and we had to explain the difference between Thailand and Taiwan!

Well, the live feed is sounding more exciting, so I might end here. I have many pictures of the aftermath of typhoons, but need to find the discs to get them online. The lightening show is starting outside my window, so I think I will….Ok, my husband just asked me to go for a storm walk, since it is calm….men!! Signing off.

Hopefully I will be back!

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  1. “explain the difference between Thailand and Taiwan!” I love it! Spent two years in Korea (yes, South Korea), and since my return I’ve been amazed at how little Americans know or understand about Asia. But then, when I went there, I didn’t know all that much, either. It was quite an education!


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