Lawyers, insurance, budget, report cards, blah, blah, blah…..

Just a quick update…

This past weekend was the annual Wild West Daze in my town. In the past, I would have been the one getting home at five a.m. from celebrating…this year? I got up at five am to volunteer with Leader Tourism by serving pancakes and sausages for breakfast. Then, I walked the parade in the rain. Then, I sat ALL day at our trade show booth selling Leader Tourism treasures.

I was OK with not going out after that. Then, my husband said, `I think we should go to the dance.` Talk about role reversal! We went, had a blast, and were completely lazy for Father`s Day.

Father`s Day. I could write a whole post on the system screwing over fathers…. I miss my step kids!!!

Anyway….School is wrapping up, I am finalizing the purchase of our new acreage, and…..Saskatchewan Tourism just gave me a grant to throw a tourism week celebration!!! I had a day to throw together a budget, was approved, and have a truck full of prizes to give out!

I felt honoured that they sent me a message! Me. An aspiring tourism guru, sought after to throw a party for my province! Yay!!

Now…just to get over this darn sore throat! And, get report cards done, my yard cleaned for our field trip, my classroom cleaned out, ….( I have invited my school to my house. EEK!)

The countdown is definitely on. Summer. Cross your fingers I get to hold my kids in my arms. I know I will survive this craziness and hopefully have many adventures to write about in the next two months.

Oh ya, did I mention I am SKYDIVING on the 29th!!!!! If I don`t blog after that, you know what happened!!!

Happy Summer!!!

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