Sky diving got cancelled. Husband got sick. So far, summer hasn’t stepped up to the plate for me. Is it bad that I already feel this way?? I know. It is only the 4th!!! But I really wanted to jump right in. Literally. Out of a plane!

We will do it eventually. Eventually. I hate that word!!

Today, I got up early, hoping to make the most of the day. I headed out to the local golf course to take some pictures for the Leader Tourism site. What a nice day. There was a tournament, so I didn’t stick around too long, but enjoyed walking around the course.

I fit in a yummy lunch with a super friend and then headed home to do some yard work. Yay, tan! Now, I am sitting inside sipping on my new favorite drink. 100 calorie Smirnoff Ice Light coolers. Black cherry:) ( Did I mention I signed up for a fitness challenge in September???? With a chance to win a trip to Mexico???)

All in all, it has been a good day. I know that time is what you make of it. Sitting around and worrying that summer is going to pass before I do everything that I want to is not going to help. In one month my step kids should be here. We will take another road trip to BC to get them, visit family, and bring them back to see our new farm for the first time.

Until then, I will do my best not to be a whiner. To get out every day…ok, most days, to do something.

I will try to focus on the positive form of eventually. It means it will happen. And, I will try to jump right in to the little things.

Happy Summer!

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