Last week, before the latest bomb dropped on my family, I was in Gravelbourg, Sask, having a blast with three of my sisters and one friend.

We four sisters are not all from the same moms or dads, and some of us never spent much time together growing up, so this first sister’s trip was extra special.

We needed somewhere cheap, close, and interesting.

I met a councillor from the town of Gravelbourg a while back, and it jumped out as the perfect mini get-a-way.

Gravelbourg is known as, ” A taste of Europe in the Prairies,” and for good reason. My oldest sister didn’t really believe me when I said it was a French town…until she heard everyone speaking French!

edit cathedral

The main attraction is the ” Our Lady of Assumption Co-Cathedral.” I have been to Italy, Greece, the U.K., and I can tell you that the hand painted artwork rivals the best. And it’s in Saskatchewan!

edit interior cathedral

We Paid $10 for a guided tour of the museum and Cathedral. This was the only way you could get in the church, and it was well worth it. Our guide told many stories about the paintings and church itself. He even took us to the school and library, which used to be a convent, and he walked us past other interesting brick buildings, telling the story behind each one.

I am not overly interested in artwork and religion…really, I found the Vatican boring…but it was fun to pretend we were tourists in a far away place.

After our tour we went to a cute little place called, ” Café Paris.” Flashbacks of Europe flooded in. We enjoyed a cold drink out on a patio with bistro tables while we planned the next part of our trip. We were about to head to Thomson Lake to go Kayaking!


Stay tuned for the part of out trip where we kayak, visit random museums, have an impromptu photo shoot on a canola field, and tour the Tunnels of Moose Jaw.

oh ya…and we stayed at a charming bed and breakfast. It was my first time in a B and B, and I loved it. The man was so inviting, even while dealing with a family death. Breakfast was great, the rooms were clean and comfortable, and…it was the very place that the Bishops lived. We only paid $70 for a room with a double and a single. The shared bathroom was right next to our door.

edit bishops b and b

To check out the Gravelbourg area, visit :

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