What had three grown women whipping out imaginary guns, shimmying up against walls, and talking in our best gangster voices?

The Tunnels of Moose Jaw
The Tunnels of Moose Jaw

Last June I read one of the three Tunnels of Moose Jaw novels to my students. They loved it and demanded that I try my best to get there this summer. Challenge accepted.

The last leg of our sister’s trip ended in Moose Jaw and we had time to spare before parting at the bus station. As we ate across the street from the tunnels we decided to go for it!

The tunnel tours run every 15 minutes during the summer. we were disappointed that we couldn’t take pictures, but looking back, cameras would have gotten in the way of the real experience. How could we have pulled out our imaginary guns, dove to the ground to escape bullets, gambled, and escaped Scarface with a camera glued to our faces?

The tour guides were great! As a participant in small town drama clubs, I know what it takes to stay in character. Both guides got us involved in the story line. I was holding on to hush money and at one point was thrown in front of huge doors to take bullets for my team. Luckily, no one was on the other side!

The story of prohibition, gun slinging, prostitution, and gambling was brought to life as we were led in and out of underground rooms and corridors. I think the rest of our group got a few laughs from the three of us and our “acting.” We had a blast jumping right into character alongside the guides.

The Tunnels offer two different tours. We did the Chicago Connection, but I look forward to heading back to experience the one about Chinese Immigrants. First, I might steal the novel from my class library!

The only thing that could have made our tour more enjoyable is if they had Whiskey tasting, but I guess that’d take away from the family atmosphere:)

Moose Jaw’s down town is a place I look forward to exploring more. Have you been to the Tunnels?

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