Hi Guys!

Where did summer go?  Yes, I ask that every fall.

As usual, I did not get nearly as much done as I had planned to this summer.  That goes for yard work, adventures, and writing!

We got the kids for August, as we should, and our time with them was as amazing as always.  At 6 and 8, they still have an innocence that I hope will stay, but know will vanish in time.  Things come out of their mouths that they don’t grasp the deeper meaning of.  But, they are also getting old enough to understand some of the things they are subject to, and to put pieces together of the puzzle called life.

They couldn’t quite understand why we had no money this summer, and we would never put them in the situation of saying, “Because we had to fight for your rights to  love both parents in court, and will continue to do so.”

Instead, we focused on spending time together.  One of the best times was our daily walks to the end of the laneway.  We’d walk, bike, scoot, dance to the end.  Then we’d climb on the old tractor, play drums on the hood, chat, and watch traffic.

Our tractor time was where some of these innocent revelations came about.  No prompting, but complete innocence and desire to share.

Dealing with family issues, getting back into school, and faulty water pumps has not left  a lot of time for adventure. ( Thanks hubby, for the hours spent in the pump hole!)  But, I have to remind myself to make time!

I took a risk recently and made a video to apply for what could be my dream job!  A video!!  That was an experience.  John was at his shop fixing the pump and I was trying to sound casual, all around my yard, as I told the camera why this job would be a perfect fit for me.

October is the cut off, so I will keep you posted.  ( No, I won’t quit teaching….Yet…) But I already feel a sense of accomplishment.  Putting together the video clips, music, captions, and photos into a three minute final project is something I am very proud of.

After the results are in I will find out if I can share it, but if not, don’t worry.  More videos will be made.  Whether I get picked or not!

Sometimes an adventure is simply trying something new.  Putting yourself out there.  Taking a chance on a new opportunity.  I feel that I have won just by trying.

Enjoy the last few days of nice weather, Saskatchewan!  I will do my best to get on here more often.

Now, I will relax in a hot bath…since the pump is working again!

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