For some reason, memories of past plane rides came into my mind today.  The following stories are not meant to  scare you or encourage you to get in cars with strangers!

The first story was in Taiwan.  A group of us were headed out to some islands.  The plane started descending, hit a bit hard, and pulled up sharply back to the sky.  Imagine, a group of English girls in their 20’s, having no idea what was going on.  They announced something over the intercom, but not in English!

I remember being confused, but not really scared.  This was after 9/11, but before all these recent plane tragedies in the news. ( I’m not 100% certain, but I think the recent Taiwan crash may have been at these same islands.)

It turned out that the runway was too short, we wouldn’t have stopped in time, so the pilot had to retry.  We landed safely and went on to have a great time exploring.


On a trip to the UK, a friend and I buckled up for take off, excited to have an empty seat in between us.  Then, it came over the intercom that we were waiting for one more person.  As any fliers do, we hoped our extra seat wouldn’t be taken.

It was.  And we ended up having a great flight.  Talking, joking, and eventually spending three days in England sharing cabs and touring with our new friend.

My last story happened right around the time the movie “Taken” came out.  I was on my way to Morocco with 24hr layover in New York.  My seat neighbour was a local business man and we struck up a casual conversation.  I asked him, without giving specifics, which subway station was closer to certain landmark.  He ended up asking if I wanted to share a cab.  Yup,  I know.  Coulda been bad.

But, he got out first, paid the cab, and I continued on my way.  No harm done.

I am usually a boring person to sit by.  The sleeper.  But, I do enjoy the random conversations you have with strangers!

Do you have any crazy plane stories??

I'd love to hear from you:)

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