Thanksgiving is over, my tummy’s still bloated.

We got home from our trip and our water pump exploded.

The truck blew a tire, our lawyer needs more cash,

I wouldn’t be surprised if I broke out in a rash.

All the positive quotes that I pin on my boards,

Can’t erase my annoyance with certain horrors.

Still I remember, that this is a temporary pain.

I will do my best to dance in the rain.

I’ll think about the love that I have in my home,

And dream about the future as I make up this poem.

I’ll be proud of courage I recently had

Even though they didn’t pick me, being short listed isn’t bad!

I need to quit procrastinating and do some homework,

( Pinning counts as planning, right??)

Ok…Enough poetry.  All complaining aside, we had a fantastic time in BC visiting family.  We managed to do some hiking and I enjoyed the greenery before returning to the land of the wind.  And….I am lucky to have a husband working hard to get me water.

And friends whose house I can shower at tomorrow if need be!

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