Ahhhhh.  After a holiday with a lot of driving, we are finally home!  Visiting family makes all the driving worth it, but it sure felt good to sleep in my own bed last night.

Christmas and  New Years found us in three different provinces and many different beds/ couches/ floors.  We played host and were hosted by many.  Best of all, we had our kids ( my step) here for 8 days!

Picking them up in Golden, BC, means we get to see the beautiful Rocky Mountains quite a bit.  However, we are always so excited to bring them HOME to Saskatchewan,  that we don’t do a lot of exploring.

This time, I whipped out my camera a few times to shoot some bumpy videos from my passenger seat.  The footage is bumpy, the views are snowy, and I sped up the footage to limit the duration, but I don’t care.  Many advice columns about vlogging say to only post top quality videos, but this is me.  I’m not perfect and don’t care to be.

These videos are mainly for my family, but I love to share, so enjoy!

And don’t worry, we weren’t going that fast!  Remember, I sped up the footage!

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