Hi Readers!

It has been far too long and I’m afraid this post is just going to be a quick one.  Not too much new here.  Work, winter, car repairs!

Hmm, here is what’s on my mind:

*My Honda Element that has been sitting for a year is being picked up on Wednesday!!!  I’m soooo excited!  Hopefully I make it out of the city before I have to get it towed back to the shop this time.  ( Thanks for the CAA, Mom!)

* We are headed to a family wedding in Alberta this weekend.  It’s been far too long since we’ve seen everyone there.  Sucky part is that taking days off is difficult for teachers, so it will be a one night trip without much time to explore.

* My husband is quitting smoking and I am sooooooo proud of him!  And, I don’t even want to kill him!!!

*This weekend I will see the mama and sister pup of my Pharoah. ( My dog that died earlier this year.) I think I might cry….

*We are flying to BC again in Feb. to deal with more family stuff.  If anyone want to buy us a lottery ticket to pay for these flights, feel free!

*I am about to turn 33.  Yikes!

*I finally made it to a Leader Tourism meeting!  It was nice to share my ideas and have people excited for them.  Stay tuned….

* As much as I would love to be retired or travel for a living, my job is awesome!  The young kids I teach are such nice students and any problems I complain about are minor in comparison to what some teachers have to deal with.

*I also love my job because the ladies cook me full course meals every day…and that is why the pork I took out for supper is still not cooked…maybe tomorrow.  ( My poor husband!)

That’s about it.  Can you believe it is almost February??  And 2015 means I have been out of school for 15 years!

Happy Weekend!

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