I buy scratch and wins every once in a while and don’t scratch them right away.

Instead, I let my mind dream about shopping sprees, a maid ( or two), and having a personal assistant.

Ten years ago I won a travel voucher for $3,000.  I was the last name picked out of the bucket!  I still remember the feeling of being in the final 3.  England, Scotland, and Wales with a great friend.  Memories that will last a life time.

If you follow any of my social media pages, you know that I am in the running for $25,000 in travel vouchers with MWorld and Intrepid Travel. ( I am sure you are sick of me asking for votes!)

Intrepid Travel has been my favorite since I toured South East Asia for 2 months with them a few years back.  $25,000!!!  And, did I mention, it is for FAMILY travel???

Bits of pieces about the ” issues” my family has been dealing with have snuck into my posts, but believe me when I say, ” Our family needs this!!”    Travel has always been a huge part of my life.  For the past few weeks, just like the dreams I have before scratching the lottery ticket, I have been in La La Land dreaming about where I’d take my family with this amazing prize.

Votes can keep me in the top ten. ( Currently in 3rd), but a judging panel votes for the winner from there.  All of my video/ slideshow practice could pay off in a big way! I am sure that I have one of the top three submissions and am crossing my fingers that the judges see what they wanted.  A family that explores, learns, plays, and loves each other.

Please check out my video and take two seconds to vote.  Literally.  2 seconds!  Travel is better than the lottery.  I get shivers thinking about my (step) kids and husband being so close to experiencing the world.  Yes, I have seen the world, but I want to share it with my family!


I'd love to hear from you:)

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