I’ve done some chores and put a good dent in report cards, so now I need to keep up on my “learning to blog” hobby!

Google and YouTube really are the best way to learn. Or asking a favorite older sister who is a genius with computers.  Really.  Check out her Virtual Assistants Website.

Did you see what I did there??  Yes, I learned how to hyperlink.  To most of you tech savvy people, that was probably a no brainer, but I am proud of myself!

Now, I think I will do an entry for Leader Tourism.  I have been volunteering my time keeping up their Facebook Page and planning our outdoor summer market.

What will I learn next??

( Highlight what you want to link.  Like I did above.  Click the little chain on the tool bar, and enter in the website you want to link to. )  Where it says title, put what you want to show up when readers scroll over it.  Easy Peasy!  What took me so long to learn this??

Be sure to check out my sister’s link!!

I'd love to hear from you:)

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