We did it!  We won!  $25 000 AUD, which works out to be $24 500 Canadian dollars!

Thank you to everyone who voted for us!  This really was the simplest little slideshow to make.  I still can’t believe it!

Your votes helped us get into the top ten and then a panel of judges from a University made the final decision.  They even had lawyers involved to make sure it was done properly.

I saw the link on Intrepid Travel’s Facebook page.  I love Intrepid.  A few years a go I traveled to South East Asia and Malaysia with them and I have always known I would use this company again.   They offer so many budget friendly trips all over the world and they try to give back to the places they travel to.

The contest fit right into my new hobby of making video slideshows, so I took a half hour, read the fine print, and sent off this video.

I was the first to enter and won a top weekly prize right off the bat.  A Physics set.  Every day I would hound people for votes, and even though I didn’t get that many, I still stayed in the top ten. Thank you a million times to those who did vote!!!

MWorld, the company who organized this contest,  is just rolling out in North America.  It looks like it will be a cool App for kids to learn.  They earn points as they visit different pages and can build their own virtual world as they learn about the real world.  I haven’t even been able to try it out, but as soon as it hits Canada, and Android ( Only I products at the moment), I will be using my earned points to give it a go.

The judges from MWorld were looking for a family who valued education, learning, and adventure.  There were a lot of cute entries, so I am proud that they saw that our family was the best fit.  We have dealt with a lot of stress over the past few years, but now get to give our kids the chance to see the world!!

We have so many ideas.  Peru, Egypt, Costa Rica, Germany, Poland……

Over the next few months we will make a decision and in July we will set off.  We also get a Go Pro to document our adventure.

Stay tuned!

All of you seasoned family travel people….send me links to family travel blogs!

I'd love to hear from you:)

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