When you first arrive, you might think that the community of Leader, Saskatchewan, is in the middle of nowhere.  Set two hours from Medicine Hat, an hour and a half from Swift Current, and an hour from Kindersley and Maple Creek, we kind of are in the middle of nowhere.

But maybe that is where our charm lies.

I joined Leader Tourism to try to push myself to find more excitement around here, but realized what I already knew.  Excitement is everywhere if you get off the couch.  Our area actually has a lot of cool attractions.  And many of them are FREE!!

For a while now I have been wanting to put together a list of things to do in an around Leader, so, here it is!

1) My absolute favorite is the Great Sandhills.  I have written a few posts and made a few videos of the area.  It is sooo much fun and an amazing place to take the whole family.  There is also a great little museum in Sceptre that is full of artifacts from the local area.

2)  The South Saskatchewan River flows just North of town.  There are many spots to go fishing and there are over 100 species of birds.  Our tourism board is in the process of fixing up old birding trails. ( If you want to help, give us a call!)

3) Blumenfeld Church is a country church that is over 100 years old!  To find information about the tours they offer, visit their website or Facebook Page.  I always say, you don`t have to be religious to appreciate historic churches.  My step daughter loves to go walk around the yard.  Here is another great blog post by Go Here Destinations.

4) Not too far from Blumenfeld, along Highway 21, sits St. John’s School and Church.  I was surprised to see it was open to the public.  The tiny church will make any child giggle, and the school room is set up just like in the past.  A new roof should keep it open to the public for years to come.

5) Sagebrush Studios & Art Gallery is across the river near Empress, Alberta.  You can cross at the Estuary Ferry.  Dean is an amazing painter and Fran makes unique pieces of pottery.  Even if you aren’t into buying art, the yard is set up beautifully with old churches brought is as studios.

6)  One place I haven’t been yet.  ( Shame on me.) is the Forks Prairie Orchard.  I have heard nothing but great things about the annual Apple Festival and have tried jams and pepper jellies from the market. Delicious!  This is also just south of the river by way of the Estuary Ferry.

7)  Do you love golf?  Be sure to try out the 18 holes ( top/ bottom 9) at River Ridge Golf Course.  If golf isn’t your thing, it is still worth a visit to sit on the patio and sip one of Lenny’s famous Ceasars.

8) Who doesn’t love to pose in front of large sculptures?  Leader has many scattered throughout the town.  If you are passing through, and the kids need a break, go on a sculpture tour!

These are just a few of the things that Leader has to offer.  The arena is always busy, the community hall often is often bustling with various events, and the new pool entertains kids all summer.

What is your favorite thing to do near Leader?

7 thoughts

  1. I worked on the Highway in Leader for 3 or 4 months, years back. It really is a great town, one of my favourite places that I’ve stayed in Saskatchewan.


    1. My favourite thing to do was check out the Sandhills, and I did a bit of hiking along both sides of the river. I’ve also got pictures with all the giant sculptures kicking around somewhere.


  2. Hiking the river hills, kayaking the river, driving random back roads, Sandy Point, Checkerboard, “The Forks”, the old train bed, the possibilities are endless!!!! Very exciting to hear about the birding trail!


  3. What about the Smith Barn Heritage Site? You mentioned something just south of the Estuary Ferry – if the ferry is still in operation, a ride across the river by ferry would be an adventure. The mention of Checkerboard by Lacy must refer to Checkerboard Hill Scenic Site overlooking the South Saskatchewan River.


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