The last session was about using twitter to build your brand and foster relationships.  Fitting, considering the night before the conference I sent off a reply to a tweet by Jori, the part owner of Eco_ Adventures 306 Collective, telling him I’d be there, and before the  first speaker started, he was passing me a loaded gift card to experience zip-lining!

This was my second year attending the 49 x 110 Spring Conference in Swift Current.  People involved in Tourism from all over southwest Saskatchewan meet to share ideas and present to the crowds about whatever they are involved in.

It was great to reconnect with Cheryl, who invited me to ride the Southern Prairie Railway, in Ogema, and Toos, a council member from the beautiful Saskatchewan town, Gravelbourg, where my sisters and I toured.

I finally put a face to Daryl, from Tourism Saskatchewan, who I’ve been in contact with about planning a local celebration for Tourism Week for the second year in a row.  He passed on some great advice about moving forward with gaining opportunities through this blog.

As I wandered around, starting or joining conversations, I met more people who are living their dream. I felt proud every time they would say,  “Oh, that’s you!”

People believe in Cruisin Christine and the potential this platform has to help the tourism industry.  They told me that they cheered out load when they read that my family won the trip of a lifetime.  They reassured me that in the long run, the issues that my family is dealing with would seem small.

Tourism is a business, but it also a lifestyle.  A speaker from Tourism Saskatchewan said that everyone has stories to tell.  I will continue to share pieces of my story as I weave my way around Saskatchewan and the world.  For now, I open up in person a bit more than on here.

I will remember that even though there are roadblocks, I have the power to beat them down, or jump over them with power and grace.  I don’t have as much time as I would like to dedicate to this blog, but I am not moving backwards.

My story will continue to be written!

One thought

  1. I’m going to have to look into attending this conference next year! I’m really working at transitioning my blog into a more local focus, sounds like a great opportunity to make some connections for going towards that!


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