Happy Mother’s Day everyone!  John took me out for brunch and then I cruised around with my new Go Pro that we won through the MWorld contest.

I know everyone is anxious to hear where we are going with the $25 000 of Intrepid Travel money.  We are, too!  The deadline is almost here for booking and we are still hoping that the kid’s mom will let them leave Canada.

It is looking like we will be exploring BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan with part of the money.  WooHoo.  I made a joke the other day about our life being like Alanis Morisettes’s song. “Isn’t it Ironic?”  Winning $25 000 of family travel in the middle of custody issues. ( and that’s all I got to say about that.)

No matter what happens, we are going to make the best of it.  Western Canada has a lot to offer and there are things that we can’t normally afford to do on our various trips west that we will do this time.  I am excited about the connections this will create for Cruisin Christine.

Then, in August, I will take my nephew and sister somewhere wild!  I can’t wait to watch them experience the world!

School is nearing summer holidays, ( YAY!!) , so I’ve been busy with budget and testing.  The next few weeks are going to be crazy, but I’m super excited for a few things I have on the go.

1) Next weekend I get to take my husband zip-lining in Cypress Hills thanks to Eco_adventure 306.  I am also doing a $100 giveaway on my FB page that you need to enter by May 20th.

2) The next Saturday I get to join June Bates, with Tread On Travel, and Carefree Adventures on a FAM tour.  KAYAKING!

3) That  Sunday I am playing guide to June.  We will be doing a tour of everything that Leader, Sask area has to offer.  It is exciting to help her plan tours.  Oh ya, check out the ad on her site for her Grasslands tour.  Nice legs, if I do say so myself!

4) On Mar 31st I, along with Leader Tourism and Tourism Saskatchewan, am hosting a tourism week celebration.  I’ve planned a tacky tourist photo booth, free snacks, “fishing” for prizes, and some selfie/ sculpture activities.  There are going to be free museum passes handed out.

And that’s my May!

I told you it would be crazy, but fun!

In closing, remember to say happy Mother’s day to step moms.  Don’t be afraid of us.  We aren’t like the fairy tales!  We love your kids like they are our own, but not in a way that wants to replace you.  xoxo

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