The view from my kayak.
The view from my kayak.

Last weekend, I was invited to join a group of people as they kayaked down the Swift Current Creek.  Half of our group was in the tourism trade and the other half were prepping for an upcoming overnight adventure.

Carefree Adventures is found near the tiny town of Simmie, Saskatchewan.  There is a cute little community of cottages along the nearby Swift Current Creek, and that is where we started out from.

I couldn’t wait to get into the water and once in, I circled around waiting for the rest of the group to be ready.  Everything was so peaceful.

The guides went over safety tips and soon we were off.  I definitely need to stock up on Go Pro supplies!  I had nothing to hook my new toy up to, but managed to get a few shots of our day.

Lunch Break!
Lunch Break!

A couple of hours in, we were ready for lunch.  I was starving and chowed down as soon as we pulled up to a piece of shore.  We enjoyed visiting and laughing and each made a run to the bushes.  My out of shape arms were starting to feel the pain that comes with their usual laziness.

After a fun experience of portaging and walking in the freezing cold water, we turned around for the trip back.  Upstream.  Into the wind.  Oh…my arms were feeling it now.

This type of situation is what I need more of.  Pushing myself.  I was the youngest one there by 20 years and I was coming in last.  That was fine, but I refused to say yes to the offer to be towed the rest of the way!

As we made it back to shore we all exchanged cards and headed our separate ways.  I was exhausted, but thrilled that I had been given this opportunity.  The scenery was beautiful, the people inspiring and friendly.  I wondered if they were all proud to have kicked the       “young” lady’s butt.  Ha!

A couple of days later, John, from Carefree Adventures, asked me to join that upcoming overnight Kayak trip through Grasslands National Park as the official documentarian.  Me!  I guess I’d better do some arm exercises.  How could I say I say no??


Have you done any kayaking in Saskatchewan?

I'd love to hear from you:)

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