Those were the last words my Grandma said to me.  That and, ” I know you do,” after I kissed her head and told her I loved her.

We knew the time was nearing.  My grandma, full of wit, and always smiling, made me laugh through my tears as I said my last good-bye.  Have a nice life!  In her sarcastic witty voice.

As classy as they come!
As classy as they come!


I plan to!

Grandma was always smiling.  Laughing.  Throwing out a witty response or passing on a funny that she saw on Facebook.

I didn’t see her nearly enough and am not naïve as to think that her life was easy and perfect, but she carried herself with a beauty and grace that made me envious.  She was an artist.  She drove funky cars and wore a long leopard print coat.  She was herself.

She smiled.

That smile brightened more people’s days than she will ever know.

I will have a nice life. I will try to keep a smile and not let others bring me down.  That’s what I have been trying to do.

While I’m not sure I can pull off a full length leopard print coat, I will do my best to always wear a smile. To make the best of whatever is thrown at me.

I love you, Gram.  Paint rainbows in the sky as you fly around the clouds with Grandpa.

As stylish as always!
As stylish as always!

7 thoughts

  1. Beautiful story Christine. Sorry about your Grandma. Keep having a wonderful life sweet lady and keep on smiling. 🙂


  2. Hi Christine, sorry to hear about your Grandma!! Sounds like you have very fond memories of a very funky lady!! Have a nice life…take care!! Laura


  3. Hey Christine
    Loved getting to visit with you yesterday at Grandmas funeral…..Marg was a beautiful lady and will be missed..shall follow you on your blog, as I see such talent here! Little bit of Grandma I would say.. 🙂 much love to you and your family, Debby


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